Research Interests

Prof. Stefan Arold's research is dedicated to elucidating the molecular basis of the function and (de)regulation of proteins central to cellular key signaling networks in plants, and animals. Investigations are based on an integrated structural biology approach that combines functional and structural data from multiple sources (small angle X-ray scattering, X-ray crystallography, NMR, cryo-EM, computational methods, biochemistry, ligand binding assays and functional analyses). Results are translated to engineer molecules with desired properties (e.g. reporters or inhibitors). Structural biology approaches are also used to enhance computational methods for functional annotation of genes (system-wide or focused).​​


Latest News

16 November, 2021

Automated robotic pipeline for protein expression and purification at the StruBE lab

Our research scientist, Raik G. Grunberg, Ph.D. student, Francisco J. Guzman Vega, and a visiting student from Imperial College London, Alessandro Serafini, are developing an automated robotic pipeline for protein expression and purification. Using TECAN's Freedom EVO robotic liquid handling workstation, they're aiming at establishing solid automation protocols to be used in projects requiring the handling of vast numbers of samples.

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